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domingo, 9 de febrero de 2014


     It´s been forty years since the rehearsal of David Bowie's Diamond Dogs, and twenty five since I am a fan of this singer, and after all these years, still I am wondering myself if this album was something outstanding in the musical arena, or just a glittering fraud. I suppose that for anyone who thinks carefully about Bowie, you have always this question in the end. Not maybe for Ziggy Stardust or Heroes, but   In some aspects, Diamond Dogs is one of the most pretentious works of Bowie's glorious years, specially when you see the political background of the whole album: a particular vision of George Orwell's 1984. In fact, in the beginning  Bowie's intentions were to make a kind of musical taking this book as a reference. In the end this was impossible (as too many other projects from Bowie) but Diamond Dogs remained as a part of an opera for 1984 that never was written. Specially astonishing is the very end of the album: the chant of the skeletal family. The banalizaty of terror, or how Glam infused into totalitarianism, a metaphor for our own times.  Two minutes of hate, said Orwell. Two minutes of glam, answers Bowie. All my respects for this great star of rock music, and specially for this two minutes...

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