El conocimiento os hará libres y las fronteras os harán gilipollas.

jueves, 26 de junio de 2014


       Of course, I agree that TED talks are brilliant. TED means originally "technology, entertainment and design", but covers sciences and arts too. The idea is too smart to be a failure. The perfect combination of bright ideas in a short time (just 18 minutes, enough to express widely the ideas, not too long to avoid our brain to switch off)  in the hands of powerful orators, able to convey attractive ideas for the Internet audience. In fact, although TED is a relative old idea (beginning in 1984) this schedule is well adapted to the Internet universe. I recognize myself staying hours in front of the screen of my computer, searching TED talks of the most varied topics and areas. 
    Therefore, if this is the useful formula to get a huge audience in such a competitive context as Internet, what is wrong with TED? Just one mistake: sometimes it's too American. Not because they seem always quite optimistic. It's just because most of them follow a similar coda: If you want it, and you fight quite enough for it, you´ll make your dream come true. After two hundred years, the American dream is still alive and in good health. Here, of course I am referring specially to all the talks concerning neuroscience, social psychology, wellness, health and education. We don't make the world a better place to live just because we don't want to. Our brain, our psychological skills would be able to do that. But the fact is that we are not only our brains. And of course, that not everything could be explain from our brain organization and how it understands the world and the others. 
   Most of TED participants (not all) believe in doctor Pangloss' ideals, the famous character of the Voltaire's novel Candide, and reflecting itself Leibniz's philosophy. We are living in the best of the possible worlds. If it doesn't work, it's because you are not looking at it in the right way. It's sure that finally you will find the proper and good way to understand it. And of course, anything that it doesn't suit on your interpretation, ignore it. Because the people that appears in this programs are world specialist in a single matter, it is easy for a psychologist, economist, an art designer or whatever you find in this programs to avoid all kind of things that seems uncongruent whit their thoughts. Just as the panglossian view of life.

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